Saturday, November 19, 2011

HEROMania - June, 2011

I am still exhausted, but my heart is full from today!!! I just loved "being in the trenches" and I made a new great friend today!!! HEROES rocks!!!!!
· · · June 25 at 9:16pm

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    • Jeanne Alshouse And to Kasey, Bandi and Shawna - what a moving time for me to see you all again - and watching you with the kids was amazing. They got it! Thanks for taking the time to share, and allow us to learn from you.
      June 25 at 10:48pm · · 1
    • Kelly Perry I had a wonderful day, too! Seeing everything work out so beautifully even from behind the camera was very moving for me. EVERY PERSON involved Saturday is awesome and I am proud to call each of you friend!
      June 27 at 9:09am ·

From the Foster Parent Association -

Jeanne, Thank you so very much for joining us Monday. I look forward to you coming back once we have child care in place. Sorry it was so hectic. You all are a blessing to so many children. Thank you for all you do!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Official LOGO - Thanks, Shannon!


HEROES, Great & Small, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit charity as defined by the IRS. Contributions you make to HEROES are tax deductible as allowed by law.

We have done a capitol campaign mail out for the past two years, requesting friends, family, professionals, and a variety of people connected to HEROES, to donate financially in order for us to keep the program going.

If we missed you, and you would like to donate, please send a check or money order to HEROES, Great & Small, Inc., P. O. Box 705, Armuchee, Ga 30105



Monday, September 6, 2010

Life-Changing Moments and How We Got Our Name

Life-changing moments can blindside you.

One of my
Defining-Moments happened 20 years ago in 1990. I remember looking into the the face of one of the girls who had come to our "support and education group for sexually abused kids." (Catchy title, huh?) This 8-year old had just asked a question about why the perpetrator (we call them Tricksters now) had done something particularly horrifying to her. She wasn't the only wounded child to share deep hurts that night. As I looked into the eyes of each precious soul, I knew the deeper question they were asking. The deeper question had to do with their own healings, their courageous journeys, and was it really true that they could survive and be more than shells of the horrible things that had happened to them? And could they reclaim the things the Trickster had taken from them?

"Did you know that you are a HERO?" I said to each one of them, ever so gently. I saw the briefest, gentlest flicker of hope in their eyes as they grasped that lightning bolt of strength that hit them as they switched gears from thinking of themselves as victims too far gone to ever heal and to replace them with the thought of being HEROES. That was one of the Defining Moments of my life.

The next morning, Jeanne Alshouse, administrator extraordinaire, called me to suggest the name of the group...HEROES, Great and Small. We had been searching for a name for several weeks. Most of them were dumb. We had held off on choosing a name until Jeanne said those perfect words...HEROES, Great and Small. So HEROES we became.

Even though we, the original founders, (Janet Baker, Jeanne Alshouse, Sandra Allen, Tina Bartleson), had been meeting for a few months already, that particular night was the night that HEROES began for me. When our "little group" started, the HERO Team saw the hurt and the confusion in our "sexually abused kids," because it was there. But as time passed we saw something else...the strength, the laughter, the purity and the innocence in these kids. We found courage in the most unlikely of places.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Things Can't Stop the Best Things (The Story of a Hero)

Bad Things Can't Stop the Best Things (The Story of a Hero) by Sandra Allen and Shannon Bond is in print! The outpouring of support has been phenomenal and the reviews are fantastic. Although it has been written to and for children, adult Heroes have been reading it. Even though their bodies are all grown up now, the message is spoken into the heart of a child, the words that needed to be said years and years ago.

The following are reviews:
"This is the most powerful story I've ever read for children of abuse. It says everything a child coupld possibly think that has been abused."
SGT. Teri Davis, Detective
Floyd County Police Dept.
Rome, GA

"It is critical for child victims to be believed...encouraged...lifted up. This beautiful book does just that. It is our hope that this story makes it into the hands of thousands of children who need that hope and encouragement."
Gail Garland
Executive Director
Harbor House
The Northwest Georgia Child Advocacy Center

"Never has there been a more profound book of healing for children (or adults) who have been sexually abused. The huge power of healing contained in this small group can turn lives "right side up." Wounded spirits are soothed and rescued through the authors' words. How do I know? I, as an adult, am one of them."
Hero Adult
Health Professional